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Christine Frey 
Mental Health Advocate
Brain XP 

Christine Marie Frey (referred to as Christine XP) is an extraordinary rising teen mental health advocate. At the age of 12, she began experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and psychosis. She was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder. At the age of 16, Christine XP wrote and self-published her autobiography "Brain XP: Living with Mental Illness, A Young Teenager's Perspective", which has since become an international award-winning book.

Christine XP, now 19 years old, has founded her own mental health brand called Operation Christine XP ( and has started several mental health advocacy projects for youth including the Brain XP Project, the Bipolaroid Booth, and the Mental Misfits. Christine XP is an award-winning mental health advocate, an engaging motivational speaker, and a musical recording artist & performer. She represents the youth voice on many statewide and national councils, and she has also partnered with National Discovery Behavioral Health to further her advocacy work in helping young people overcome their mental health challenges.  

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