To Our Dear Friends of Todd,

Dear Friends of Todd—November 17 is right around our corner. This will be Todd’s 13th year away from us and from the community that loved him. Todd wasn’t at home in this world, even though he appeared larger than life wherever he went.

I usually post a Todd-photo and ask you to write a memory. Your remembrances have brightened our hearts for years now, and for these we are deeply grateful. This year is different. I’m going to ask you to DONATE to one of the Kennemer family’s First Responders after Todd’s suicide. Bonnie, director of Survivors of Suicide Loss (SOSL), reached out to us within days following his death. She was “one of us”, having lost her husband to suicide just a few years prior. We were in deep shock but her friendship, compassion and resources helped us begin our healing journey. We quickly became involved in this organization that was determined to walk alongside us, and others like us, who are LEFT BEHIND.

We began attending monthly support groups and ultimately stepped up to lead a group ourselves. This became a life choice. To this day we meet the first Wednesday of every month. These survivors have become our friends, our confidantes, our family. SOSL has its annual walk, “Walk In Remembrance With Hope” on November 11. As friends who love the quirky son we got to raise, you have gifted us every year with memories that sustain us. Will you remember him this year by donating let’s say, the cost of a few lattes or bean‘n’cheese burritos. Please, give to SOSL, this organization that helped us KEEP BREATHING in those days, weeks and months that slowly trailed behind Todd’s departure.

For the difference you are making, our barista son thanks you, and so do we!

Connie & Rex



JOIN us Sunday, Nov 11, to honor our U.S. veterans and walk in solidarity with those who have served and those who have paid the highest price.

MEET us in BALBOA PARK @ 6TH AVE & LAUREL, near the stage under our Team CAHM sign, and walking alongside our SOSL partners in prime, Team INVICTUS.

PARK in the neighborhood, SIGN IN with your donations, and find us for a TEAM PHOTO by 8:00 am.

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