CAHM had a baby!

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Rex and I were honored to be part of a new work starting in Yucaipa/Calimesa in April. We shared the stage with our colleague, Stan Collins, around the subject of suicide awareness and prevention. This was prompted by the loss of an 8th grade girl ‘s suicide. It shook the community, and they responded with a plan for a fledgling forum.

Stan had referred the planning team to CAHM and the Kennemer’s. I had conversation with two on the team by describing the particulars of how we developed our community forum a decade ago. It was a healthy review for me. It started out with me doubting I had much to say, but then doubting I could stop! They took everything in and asked for more. They were moved by the Legacy video and inspired by our work on the event flyer, as well as the robust nature of the day’s agenda. Some time later, they cautiously alerted us to their flyer and the name they had chosen: “Inaugural Forum for Healthy Minds”. They wondered about copyright issues, but I informed them that CAHM is happy to share our years of experience and education with other communities that can benefit. Rex and I realized that this has always been our goal—replicating Community Alliance for Healthy Minds. This happened in Yucaipa.

So celebrate with the Kennemer’s. CAHM had a baby!

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