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The Community Alliance for Healthy Minds (CAHM) is dedicated to helping individuals and families lead happier, healthier lives through improved mental wellness.

The 2019 CAHM Forum is designed to provide education, support, resources, skill- building and stigma-reduction to the community. We strive to integrate the mind, body and spirit to achieve balance and improve quality of life, especially for those who live with mental illness, substance use issues, and chronic illnesses. We aspire to assist families and caregivers, in addition to those who have lost loved ones to suicide.

This all-day event will explore the boundaries of mental health through the healing power of storytelling. They are stories of triumph, stories of acceptance or stories of struggles that are unresolved but they are there to let us know we are not alone… Stories have the power to heal, motivate and inspire us. Ultimately, they reflect our shared humanity and can have the power to heal us when we are suffering. You will hear real life stories and attend breakout sessions to learn and reflect.


Following lunch, we will convene for a “Journey Mapping” experience to create and develop a personal lived story. There will be creative expressions of art, dance, music and writing to illustrate a type of language that allows people to communicate thoughts and feelings that are sometimes too difficult or painful to vocalize directly.

We conclude the Forum with a very special monologue by Andrew Norelli, an internationally recognized comedian whose understated delivery and strong material simmers with fierce wit and biting intelligence.

There will be 40+ local community resource exhibitors and numerous opportunities for people to connect, relate and find inspiration through shared experiences. It is a day of optimism where we share our collective wisdom to uncover the possibilities for hope and healing.

So whether you are individual seeking resources for yourself, a family member, or someone that you know, our goal is to help reduce stigma and shame. We hope to point you in the right direction, connect you with service providers who can help and give you tools you can use right now to better manage whatever comes your way.




Corporate Sponsorship provides CAHM with a robust framework of professional and financial support that allows the organization to continue to fulfill its mission to raise awareness of and support for mental health issues and suicide prevention, particularly among youth and young adults, through venues of Music, Arts, and Education. 


Registration is OPEN! 


Registration is OPEN! 


Registration is OPEN! 

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